Kaveh Pahlavan

Professor of ECE and CS,

Director of CWINS

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Atwater Kent, Room 308
(508) 831-5634
(508) 831-5491

Research & Teaching Interests

Indoor geolocation, WiFi localization, broadband and location aware wireless networks; hybrid mobile data networks; multi-Robot localization, body area networking.

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For over three decades of research, I have published a number of textbooks in wireless networks and contributed to numerous seminal visionary and technical papers and patents. The central part of my research has been devoted to the analysis of the effects of transmission medium on the design of access and localization techniques. In my early carrier (before 1985) I worked on channel modeling and performance evaluation of fixed wideband wireless data networks for communication over troposcatter, microwave line-of-sight and voice-band data communication channels. In my mid-carrier (1985-2000), I worked on indoor radio propagation for wireless LAN applications. Later on (1996-2010) I have worked on radio propagation analysis for design of indoor geolocation systems for human and robots. Since 2009, I am involved in radio propagation analysis for body area networks (BAN) and localization of micro-robots inside the human body.

Following selected publications provides an overview of my key books as well as visionary and technical papers in different stages of my career:

Major Textbooks:

Visionary Publications in BAN:

Technical Publications in BAN:

Visionary Publications in Indoor Geolocation:

Technical Papers in Indoor Geolocation:

Historical Visionary Publications Related to WLAN:

Historical Technical Papers Related to WLAN:

Key Publications in Early Career Research

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