Indoor Geolocation

Indoor Geolocation Research - Since 1997

The research program of indoor geolocation is divided into indoor geolocation using the more precise TOA-based localization for military and public safety applications and the RSS-based localization used in popular commercial applications for smart devices. The TOA-based localization was focused on the analysis of the effects of multipath on TOA-based indoor localization and discovey of algorithm to mitigate these effects. Results of seminal research at CWINS has introduced the first channel models for multipath effects as well as super-resolution and cooperative localization algorithms for mitigating the multipath effects. The work on RSS-based localization has been in cooperation with Skyhook, Boston, MA and involves key patents on WiFi localization already used in billions of smart devices. This research program was funded by a variety of organizations that included DARPA, NSF, DoD, Nokia, and Finnish government


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